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International Delivery from Moderix

We have European delivery options available on our checkout page - the best way to work out the price is to add the products to your basket and then select your country on the checkout page - your delivery options will then appear depending on weight and country.


Orders up to 250g - £4.2 (EUR 5.50)

Orders from 251g up to 500g - £6 (EUR 7.80)

Orders from 501g up to 750g - £7.80 (EUR 10.20)

Orders from 751g up to 1000g - £9.60 (EUR 12.50)

Orders from 1001g up to 1250g - £11.40 (EUR 14.90)

Orders from 1251g up to 1500g - £13.20 (EUR 17.20)

Orders from 1501g up to 1750g - £15 (EUR 19.50)

Orders from 1751g up to 2000g - £16.8 (EUR 21.90)

Delivery available across Europe

We offer a delivery service across most of Europe at Moderix, with options available depending on the weight and size of the products.

Deliveries under 2kg are handled by Royal Mail European - designed for smaller packages - please allow up to 10 working days for delivery before chasing up your order.

Deliveries up to 30kg are handled by DPD and DHL - designed for larger packages - this courier use zones to distinguish price, see the grid below for accurate pricing, and the information below for zone classification - please allow up to 10 working days for delivery before chasing up your order

Please Note: For Bank Holidays, please allow extra delivery time as we are closed and note that we use 'working days' for our quoted delivery times.

Courier Zones are:

  • Zone 1 - Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands
order weight up to 30kg - £10.20 (EUR 13)
each next 30kg - £10.20 (EUR 13)
  • Zone 2 - Austria, Denmark, Switzerland
order weight up to 30kg - £14.40 (EUR 17.30)
each next 30kg - £14.40 (EUR 17.30)
  • Zone 3 - Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Spain
order weight up to 30kg - £16.80 (EUR 20.20)
each next 30kg - £16.80 (EUR 20.20)
  • Zone 4 - Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Slovenia
order weight up to 30kg - £26.40 (EUR 31.70)
each next 30kg - £26.40 (EUR 31.70)
  • Zone 5 - Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Norway, Romania, Serbia
order weight up to 30kg - £38.40 (EUR 46)
each next 30kg - £38.40 (EUR 46)