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aluminium profile

In LED lighting market, we are committed in importing of quality product. We also develop, test and sell our own aluminium led light kits. We are in line with good performance, energy saving, high luminance, environment-friendly, anti-UV, low luminous attenuation and reasonable cost to win a high standard market. Few years on the market gave us experience to solve customer problems. Furthermore, we are also focus on various kinds of extrusion Al and optical-grade profiles in LED decorative lights, LED tube lights and flexible waterproof strips. All accessories are available.

If you pay attention to lighting details. If you are looking for top quality lighting products. If you seek lighting kit or tape which is easy to install. Moderix is the answer.

All products available at Moderix shop will definitely fit your tastes and even a demanding customer will be, literally, happy with the smart design of spotlights, surface-mounted luminaries and other items we sell.
Each LED aluminium profile has numerous features, appreciated by both – regular customers and interior designers. They are easily fixed on the ceiling, floors, in corners or in other places inside of the building. Moreover, all tapes and profiles can be easily cut to size, with the use of simple tools, as a result – perfectly fit with the length of your wall, stairs or mirror.
The recessed type of the LED aluminium strip profile is also suitable for lighting selected elements of furniture, such as shelves, drawers or cupboards. In fact, each item is a versatile solution with only your imagination being the limit of their application.

Our products give you complete freedom to alter the LED lights in any way you need.

Light up your kitchen, resting room or bathroom and enjoy pleasant rays, coming out of a subtle, LED aluminium strip. In our shop you will find a large number of standard profiles. It gives you quick access to an economical range of profiles that will fully or partly meet your requirements. Please remember that Aluminium can also be recycled with little additional energy input, which is an important consideration if you are aiming for helping environment in pollution.


High standard of anodizing aluminium profile

Reduced light lost design

High Quality UV resistant snaps in diffuser

Suitable for standard LED stripes up to 12mm of wideness

Small dimensions

Available on stock in anodized silver color

Designed for patented flexible LED strips

Available with dedicated finish end caps

Aluminium profile can dissipate heat much better

Good--quality aluminium profile makes flex strip more elegant



Recessed under kitchen cabinets LED lighting

Storage shelves lighting

Furniture lighting


Bathrooms with ip67 led strips

Exhibition booth lighting and interior accent lighting

Recessed storage shelves LED lighting

Gypsum ceiling, wall accent LED lighting

Furniture production

And many, many more as your imagination has no limits