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Halogen Lights

Halogen lamps and bulbs are used everywhere for television and film production range from 125-750+ Watts to smaller power 20-60+ Watts in our households. The high consumption limits the number of lamps one can plug in to a standard 15 Amp circuit. Each year LEDs, HMIs, and daylight fluorescents replace the halogen lamp due to reduced fire hazard (less heat) and power consumption.

The halogen bulb is a popular way to provide quality light to specific areas for food preparation, paintings/wall hangings, and general mood lighting. The halogen lamp is fully dimmable unlike compact fluorescent lamps. The halogen consumes very little energy and has a longer life when dimmed.

Halogen has a color temperature of 3200°K similar to warm white in Led Lights – bulbs.

Popular 110/220V halogen bulbs :


Most Halogen GU10 bulbs are 220V/240V and don’t need a transformer. Please always check the box with the bulb you are buying a compatible bulb.

Halogen MR16 bulb

The first thing you need to do is determine the existing type of transformer you have in your MR16 circuit – this will most likely be situated up in the roof above the light fittings – now in some circuits there is one transformer, but sometimes every individual light fighting has its own transformer. They tend to come in two varieties – the first is the older wire wound magnetic transformers and the second is the newer electronic low voltage transformer. Both work by stepping down the mains voltage (240v) to 12 volts, which allows the bulbs to function.

Now the older magnetic transformers will work perfectly with LED MR16s. The issue is that the electronic low voltage transformers may not. The reason for this is that they need a minimum voltage to pass through them to operate – for example the transformer in my kitchen is 40w – 400w. Historically there were 6 x 50w halogen bulbs in the circuit – giving a total load of 300w.


All our halogen lights are G4 20W 12volts and need a transformer to work.

Example of the bulb used in our lights below:


Electronic transformers for halogen lighting often require a minimum load of 20-60W or 35-105W etc. throughout the line-voltage cycle otherwise the transformer will not turn on or the lamp light can flicker. Some transformers are dimmable please check additional information in the instructions or ask before you buy.

Before buying the transformer please check how many wattage transformer do you need?

To work out what transformer you require this is quite simple. You take the amount of halogen bulbs and add extra 10%.  For example two 20w halogen bulbs: 2 x 20w = 40w + 10% = 44W Therefore you would require at least  44w transformer.

Important: Please do not use electronic transformers to Led lights or Led transformers to halogen lights/bulbs as there is fire and explosion risks

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