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We believe in LEDs?


Money saving- LED technology is currently the

most energy-efficient light source. Deciding on

LED lighting, you decide to large energy savings.


Safety- for you and your family! LEDs are free from hazardous

substances, and consequently safe for the environment.

LEDs do not heat up like conventional light sources.


Lifetime- the average working time of LEDs is approx.

30 thousand hours! What gives us more than 10 working

years! Well used LED bulbs will be sufficient for years, and

and they will not lose its power and light flux!


Ecology- by choosing LED technology we greatly contribute

to protecting the environment. LEDs are made from

materials safe for the environment.


The right colour of light - which to choose?

 Led Lightning


WARM WHITE - Colour of the LEDs that is most similar to halogen

lighting. The perfect choice for rooms and furniture

in the classic style. Gives warm and pleasant

character, it is a perfect for rest and relaxation. If

we are looking for an alternative to traditional light

bulbs, it is worth considering this colour of LED



NATURAL WHITE - Neutral light color is sometimes confused with the

cool white color of light. Neutral white gives the

effect of pure white. This light is perfect for modern

rooms, where the dominant white color is

contrasted with other colors. Conducive to focus

and concentration, therefore perfect for working,

reading or learning.


COLD WHITE - It is the color of LED, which is similar to light on a

sunny day, gently falling into blue, hence the name

of this light is cool white. It is ideal for modern

spaces. This light generates bigger amount of light

from warm white and is more usable than

decorative. Cool white color gives stimulatory



Think of lumens as a "new" way of knowing how bright a lamp is. Lumens = Light Output.

Lumens total amount of visible light (to the human eye) from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating the “brighter” the lamp will appear.

Utility or decorative lighting?

Before you choose the lighting - it is worth considering what effect you want to achieve. What kind of expectations do you have from

the newly installed lighting ? What is worth paying attention in the case of utility and decorative light?

Utility lighting

LED Lighting with a higher power should generate more light. Remember to ensure an adequate air ventilation.

SMD modern generation diodes are more efficient and economical.

LED luminaires with additional lenses effectively diffuse emitted light.

Bigger number of lumens means a greater amount of emitted light.

Cool white color of the light is more efficient than warm white color

Decorative lighting

It does not require super-efficient light sources. The light less power easily achieves

the desired effect and accent lighting.

It is worth to choose RGB LED lighting that gives you a free choice of the light color. 

LED strips with a less power are ideally suited to emphasize any kind of surface.

By using small luminaires such as clips or LED fittings you can achieve amazing results.

The color of light can change every space. Use a variety of LED accessories.


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